Bob omb battlefield

the beginning of Bob-omb Battlefield

Bob-omb Battlefield is a location in Magical World of Randomness, located very close to the town and city. This is the place where King Bob-omb lives.

It used to be a fierce battlefield where Pink and Black Bob-ombs fought in 1996, because racism. The black bob-ombs now occupy the area, and it is basically just a random place where nothing happens. 

Notable landmarksEdit

King Bob-omb's MountainEdit


King Bob-omb on his mountain.

There is a giant mountain in the battlefield. This place is where King Bob-omb can be seen. He is usually chucking bombs off of his mountain, and due to the fact the place is super close to the town and the city, they commonly land in those places, disturbing the peace. When not chucking bombs, King Bob-omb is waving at the clouds for no reason.


There also exists various cannons that haven't been used in 20 years. People like to hop in them and fly like birdies. These cannons result in lots of injuries, because people aren't meant to fly in cannons. One time, someone went flying and hit King Bob-omb, knocking him off of his mountain.

The RacesEdit

Races are commonly held here. Half of the people who race usually tend to use various banned shortcuts, notably the cannons mentioned earlier or the hole that can teleport you. Some people even bring in weapons or jetpacks, resulting in races usually ending up in someone cheating. Tom Nook also threw fake money on the ground one time and easily won the race.