"Hahaha, show me your moves! You will never win!"
      —Captain Falcon, Comic 4

Captain Falcon is one of the main characters in the Magical World of Randomness. 


Captain Falcon thinks he's the coolest person ever. He's always showing off his amazing strength by punching things with his signature "Falcon Punch", and by participating in high speed races.

While he thinks he's so cool and everyone can know that by his punching, he never pays attention to what he does, which usually ends in him attacking stop signs, cars, old ladies, fire hydrants, etc. He also thinks he's in a race when he's actually just driving a car, causing various road accidents, as shown in Comic 4. He commonly is with Vaporeon and his friends when they go on adventures, and he always insists he does everything. Due to his constant annoyance, nobody thinks he is manly or cool, and he has been arrested numerous times for assault charges.

Relationships with other charactersEdit

Tom NookEdit

Captain Falcon is often baited by some of Tom Nook's scams, and actually likes his products.

Despite this, in Comic 1, Falcon points out how Tom Nook is actually selling bagels and passing them off as floaties. This was the first comic, so this relationship wasn't established yet.