Comics are the main way of showing events happening in Magical World of Randomness, alongside stories.

Types of ComicsEdit

Regular ComicsEdit

Comic 5

An example of a regular comic.

Regular Comics are comics that are only one panel, such as Comic 5. GKAR started this type of comic.

Panel ComicsEdit

Comic 3

An example of a panel comic.

Panel Comics have more than one square, like an actual comic. The first panel comic was Comic 2: The Cannon. Panel Comics have varying amounts of panels. TARS was the first series to have panel comics, starting with Comic 37.

Comic Adaptions Edit

These comics are long, as they are a story in comic form. So far, no comic adaptions exist. These were started by TARS as well, but none were ever finished.

Part ComicsEdit

These comics take up more than one comic number. For instance, comic 153 is left on a cliffhanger and continued in comic 154. This type of comic debuted in TARS, and the only part comic in TARS was Fright to da Finish, taking up the spot for comic 153, 154, and 155. It is unknown if these comics will return in TARS.

Comic ListEdit