Comic 1.1
The Beach is the first comic in Magical World of Randomness. 


As this is the first comic, this is the debut of all the characters featured.


The characters are at the beach. Tom Nook is trying to sell "floaties", but Captain Falcon points out they are infact bagels. King Bob-omb is throwing R.O.B. into the water for calling him King Bob-omb, and Vaporeon can be seen sleeping on the sand.


Captain Falcon's sprite was made by Infinity's End, and Vaporeon's sleeping sprite was made by Clippit.


Comic 1

The comic without the creeper.


Original Comic, with Falcon's sunburnt sprite.

The original comic featured Captain Falcon having a sunburn. The original comic still exists in the form of an image as MS paint can't undo everything. According to Mr. Loser, Tom Nook was originally selling deflated floaties.

The comic originally did not include the Creeper, but he was added in.


  • The setting of this comic may be a reference to the first TARS comic also taking place at a beach.