Comic 2
The Cannon is the second comic in Magical World of Randomness. This comic focuses on the cannon in Bob-omb Battlefield, and all the characters using it.


Tom Nook is charging people 100,000 bells to ride his "krazy kannon". Vaporeon is asking if it's safe while Captain Falcon and the Creeper are super excited to use the cannon to do cool tricks and explode in the sky. Meanwhile, they launch. Vaporeon is asking himself why he agreed to ride in the cannon. Captain Falcon claims he will nail the landing while the Creeper is about to land and hit a cannonball. Dyna Blade flies in and comments on how lame the others are, as they need the cannon to fly. King Bob-omb is watching from his mountain, and comments on how dumb



Falcon sprites made by Infinity's End.


  • Dyna Blade would originally appear on the first panel, commenting on how she's too big to ride in the cannon.
  • This is the first panel comic.
  • Despite being last in line, the Creeper most likely went first in the cannon as he is shown to be the furthest in the bottom panel.