Comic 3
King Bob-omb Battle is the third comic in Magical World of Randomness, focusing on Vaporeon fighting King Bob-omb.


Vaporeon is ready to fight King Bob-omb, but the Bob-omb Buddy gives him a hint on how to defeat him. Vaporeon ignores this hint and does things his own way, by placing down a banana peel, causing King Bob-omb to trip over and Vaporeon to win.



  • King Bob-omb's quote is part of his speech when talking to him in Super Mario 64 before fighting him, with the word "awful" being added in to describe the guards.
  • Mr. Loser once made a flipnote about the King Bob-omb battle, with a similar plot, except White Kirby defeats King Bob-omb as if SM64 is a fighting game, while Vaporeon simply uses a banana peel.
    • In TARS Comic 151, King Boo does something similar to the Bob-omb Buddy, telling White Kirby how to defeat King Bob-omb.