Comic 4
Captain Fantasy is the fourth comic in Magical World of Randomness. In this comic, Captain Falcon participates in an exciting race.


The comic starts with what appears to be Captain Falcon, in his Blue Falcon, in the middle of the race. The comic then cuts to reality, showing Captain Falcon, in a silver car, going under a blue car, taking two "shortcuts", and eventually getting his car stuck by hitting a boat, at which point he realizes that he got "mixed up" again.


Falcon sprites made by Infinity's End.


  • Captain Falcon


  • This is the first comic to only feature one character.
    • Due to this character being Captain Falcon, this marks the first time in a comic that neither Vaporeon or King Bob-omb make an appearance in a comic. Mr. Loser says that he didn't include either in this comic because he didn't want them to start to become too overused, as at the time this comic was made, the two were the most common characters in the series. He also didn't want them to appear in every comic, like White Kirby did in TARS, which resulted in him making cameos to keep this ongoing, most notoriously in TARS Comic 77.
  • This is the first comic not to introduce any new characters.