Comic 5
Tom Nook's Store is the 5th comic of Magical World of Randomness, made on July 4th, 2017.



It is a normal day in Tom Nook's store. Tom Nook welcomes people, saying there is a  4th of July Mega Sale going on, and everything is 0.1% off. Vaporeon is poisoned because he ate pringles out of the can without paying. The Creeper is angry because there is no TNT being sold at the store, and says he is going to blow up the store. Dyna Blade says the store is awful, and she is going to trample everything.


  • It is implied that Tom Nook's food is poisonus.
  • This is the first comic to use quote bubbles. This is due to the store background making the text hard to read.
  • The Creeper is trying to buy TNT because he wants to increase the amount of damage his explosion does.
  • This completes the trilogy of comics featuring three of the main characters.
  • Tom Nook references the date the comic was made, as the sale is a "4th of July Mega Sale".
  • Mr. Krabs was intended to appear in the comic.
  • Comic 7 references this comic, as the Creeper is shot into the sky by Tom Nook for blowing up his store after the events of this comic.