Comic 6
The Movies is the 6th comic in Magical World of Randomness.



King Bob-omb purposely drops his popcorn, which lands on Vaporeon's head. Dyna Blade notices the movie projector, and throws her Mountain Dew at it, presumably breaking it.


  • This is the first comic to be made on the same day as another comic.
  • The movie being shown is a cartoon on Youtube about a family of Minions living out their daily lives. Despite being a kids cartoon, it has featured blood, the kids getting drunk, and lots of other things that shouldn't be in a kids cartoon. The episode being shown revolves around the baby pissing on the street and going to jail for it. [1].
  • This comic is identical to a flipnote made for TARS, in which someone drops popcorn, which lands on someone else's head, and Dyna Blade throwing her pop at the projector. The only difference is that nobody texts during the movie, though Vaporeon was planned to be on his phone at one point.
  • Comic 7 references this comic, as King Bob-omb is shot into the sky due to his actions in this comic.