Comic 7
The Fourth of July is the 7th comic in Magical World of Randomness



Vaporeon and Tom Nook are using King Bob-omb and the Creeper as fireworks as revenge for events in the previous two comics. Dyna Blade complains that her nest is destroyed annualy, and if it happens again, she's gonna steal all the fireworks and blow up the United States. Captain Falcon is about to falcon punch some fireworks, unaware that the explosion will harm him.


  • This is the first comic to celebrate a holiday.
  • Vaporeon and Tom Nook get their revenge due to events in the past two comics, as in Comic 5, the Creeper destroys Tom Nook's store, and in Comic 6, King Bob-omb throws popcorn on Vaporeon's head.
    • The Creeper is never shown blowing up Tom Nook's store in Comic 5, though he says he will do it in the comic.
  • Captain Falcon Sprites were made by Infinity's End.