Wow, this is a nice beach. Would be a shame if someone blew it up.
      —Creeper, Comic 1.

The Creeper is a character in Magical World of Randomness. 


The Creeper is usually blowing up whenever he feels like it. Whenever he is about to explode, he comments on how he likes what he is about to destroy, and says it would be a shame if it was blown up.

Relationships with other charactersEdit

Most characters hate the Creeper, because he is usually blowing everything up.


The Creeper is an enemy in Minecraft. When you get too close to it, it will explode, destroying anything nearby, usually your house. It is the mascot of Minecraft as well.



  • The Creeper was absent from the initial release of Comic 1.
  • The Creeper is the most recurring character who isn't one of the main characters.