—Dyna Blade's catchphrase

Dyna Blade is a recurring character appearing in Magical World of Randomness, making her 5th comeback after the cancellation of TARS.


Dyna Blade is a giant bird that randomly appears to yell about whatever happens to be on her mind. Her constant yelling proves to be very annoying to the people who hear her. She always inserts the word "SQUAWK" into her sentences. She also loves to trample things that she does not like. If you hit her in the eye she will fly away.

Relationships with other charactersEdit

Dyna Blade is generally disliked by the other characters, due to her constant screaming and trampling. 


Dyna Blade and the Creeper get along okay. They often team up to destroy things.




Kirby gamesEdit

Dyna Blade made her first appearance in Kirby Super Star, acting as the final boss of a subgame named after her. She was terroizing Planet Popstar, but only wanted to take care of her chicks. She also appears in Kirby Air Ride. In it, Dyna Blade will randomly land in the city. If you hit her head, you will get a patch. When she is about to spawn, the sky will go dark and the event alarm will go off when she is about to appear, though this could indicate the city lighthouse or TAC appearing instead. She will fly away and go to a different spot after a bit, though sometimes will fly away after only being in one spot. Dyna Blade can fly away immedietly if she is hit in the eye, which also gives you an all patch.

Dyna Blade was added into The Air Ride Series as a character, with an identical personality to her MWOR counterpart. She was one of the most recurring characters, and was the only character not to have a drastically altered appearance rate in 2016. Dyna Blade is currently Mr. Loser's favorite TARS character.

She later appeared in two series' made after TARS, and both times TARS got revived for a short time, before being added into the MWOR cast.