Magical World of School is the third story in Magical World of Randomness, after a break. Since school was starting up at the time of this story's creation, a school themed story was made.


It's a normal day, Tom Nook is scamming people, King Bob-omb is throwing bombs at the city, and Captain Falcon is trying to be cool. All of a sudden, Captain Falcon, Tom Nook, King Bob-omb, the Creeper, Ridley, and Dyna Blade get a notice at their door. All five of them have skipped their 12 years of school, and are forced to reattend.

The six all get on the bus. However, since Ridley is taking up four seats, none of them can sit down. They all have to sit on top of Ridley. King Bob-omb notices the camera. Captain Falcon immediately jumps to the conclusion that they're being filmed for Youtube. Dyna Blade claims that she hates Youtube, because she can't make any money off of the videos where she eats her chicks. Dyna Blade decides to destroy the camera, but King Bob-omb stops her.... because he wants to destroy the camera. They all get into a fight, because everyone wants to destroy the camera. The bus finally arrives at school, and everyone has to get off. The camera is safe, because nobody destroyed it, due to the fight that broke out on the bus. The six all have to attend 1st grade, much to their dismay. 

It's finally time for school to start. None of the six are comfortable in the desk made for first graders, but Ridley is having problems fitting into the desk. Tom Nook tells Ridley that he is too big for that desk. However, this causes Ridley to attack him. The teacher turns out to be Vaporeon, who realized Tom Nook is getting thrown around by Ridley.