Mr. Loser is the creator of Magical World of Randomness as well as this wiki.


Mr. Loser made a series called The Air Ride Series in early 2014, after making a few facebook accounts for the characters and a CPU Blue Kirby finding a Hydra piece in a game of Kirby Air Ride. The series later got comics, but was cancelled in November 2016. TARS, despite being an Air Ride series, failed at its job of being an Air Ride series, with about 10% of the characters being from Kirby Air Ride.

Mr. L then made a few series' before MWOR, including Air Ride Adventures, another air ride series that actually was about air ride, but the kirbies still looked awful, Kirby's Wonderful Adventures, which was a series Mr. L lost intrest in, The Adventures of Boo, which got cancelled in a week around the time MWOR started, two reboots of TARS with the same characters that were from air ride, cutting all the non air ride characters, and Academy Misadventures, which brought back most of the school characters and is a series Mr. L wants to revive. Like ARA and ACAM, MWOR was made as a reboot to TARS, specifically its random side.