Queen Bob-omb is a character in Magical World of Randomness and formerly the wife of King Bob-omb.


Queen Bob-omb looks identical to King Bob-omb, even having his mustache, despite being female. There are two differences between the two. Queen Bob-omb is pink, like the bob-omb buddies. The only other difference is that the gems on her crown are blue instead of red.

Originally, her arms were red, instead of blue.


Queen Bob-omb was once married to King Bob-omb. However, they got a divorce over a game of Mario Kart and later a war broke out for who gained control of the mountain. Mario came in to stop it, but unlike in Super Mario 64, King Bob-omb beat Mario and ended up winning the war. Queen Bob-omb shows up every now and then in MWOR, sometimes restarting the war, or sometimes just showing up to mock King Bob-omb.



  • Queen Bob-omb is the first character added into the series to be entirely unique, not hailing from any game, as well as the first to not have appeared in TARS as a minor character.