Tom Nook is a character in Magical World of Randomness.


Tom Nook runs the local shop. Here he is well known to scam people by selling broken couches, expired food, etc. He is also routinely robbing banks for more money. Usually, he is seen outside of his shop trying to pull off various scams to get high amounts of money.

Tom Nook is usually on adventures with Vaporwaveon and his other friends, and he is usually scamming everyone he sees.


Tom Nook is a major character in Animal Crossing, owning the local shop and being in charge of house billings. However he is pretty much the opposite of his MWOR incarnation. The loans are mostly for upgrades to your house, and he can wait forever. In terms of the shop, he doesn't scam people like in MWOR. He has a rival named "Crazy Redd" who does scam players. One of the staff members has said Tom Nook is a very misunderstood character. He, alongside Mr. Resetti, are some of Animal Crossing's most hated charactes. Many memes have spawned about Tom Nook being a greedy man who wants everyone's money, very similar to his MWOR counterpart.