Vaporeon is the main character in the Magical World of Randomness.


Vaporeon is probably the most sane person in the entire world of MWOR. He is usually going on wacky adventures with his friends King Bob-omb, Captain Falcon, and Tom Nook, as well as anyone else they meet along the way. Despite being very normal, he is not above the law, as shown in Comic 5.

Relationships with other charactersEdit

Captain FalconEdit

While they still are friends, Vaporeon usually finds Captain Falcon to be very annoying.

King Bob-ombEdit

Vaporeon gets along with King Bob-omb better than with the other main characters. Vaporeon has helped King Bob-omb regain his mountain numerous times.

Tom NookEdit

Vaporeon does not really like Tom Nook, due to the constant scamming he does. Vaporeon has shown that he is not willing to help his business, as shown in Comc 5, where he eats food from Tom Nook's store without paying.


Vaporeon does not like the Creeper, as the Creeper tends to blow up around him.


  • Captain Falcon
  • King Bob-omb


  • Tom Nook
  • Creeper
  • Fawful
  • Queen Bob-omb
  • R.O.B.



  • Vaporeon was initally not the main character, instead being one of the major characters, like King Bob-omb and Captain Falcon. Initally the main character was going to be a human, and later Bandanna Dee was considered, but Vaporeon was added in as the main character, with the last major character of the main 4 characters being given to Tom Nook.